How to add fields that are only visible in workflow steps

Objective: To outline the Gravity Forms "Visibility" settings for forms and it impacts on Gravity Flow workflows.

1. Create a new Gravity Form.

Or, Edit an existing form :

2. Add a field or fields of your choice.

3. Select a “Visibility” settings are under "Advanced" -> "Visibility" for the particular field.

4. “Visibility” settings has three choices: 
  1. Visible (default), 
  2. Hidden 
  3. Administrative 
“Visibility" Settings options Explained :  
Visible: This is selected by default. This allows the field to be visible by all.
Hidden : When this is enabled, the field will not be visible to anyone. Gravity Forms validation logic still applies even though the field is invisible.
Note: if a hidden field is made mandatory, an error message 'There was a problem with your submission. Errors have been highlighted below' will show up during form submission and no field will be highlighted.
Administrative : Items with this setting will be Only visible on the Gravity Forms entry detail page. 
For Gravity Flow you can use these fields like “visible” fields in workflow steps - just select them in the display fields and editable fields settings.
Note: When using Gravity Flow workflows, fields that are set to "Administrative" can be used in cases where feedback may be required from Gravity Flow assignees.
Summary: "Visibility" settings for a "Gravity Forms" field have been explained above.

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