Vacation Requests

Vacation Requests can be managed with standard forms but the Vacation Requests Extension provides some additional features to make them easier to manage.

The Vacation Days field

Add the Vacation Days field to any form and, if the final status is approved, then the number days in this field will be deducted from the balance for the current user.

Vacation Days Approval

This is what a manager would see. when approving the request.

Vacation Information User Profile Section

The following section is added to all user profiles in the WordPress user admin and is only editable by users with the gravityflowvacation_edit_profiles capability.

This information is also available as columns in the User list

How Does it Work?

The calculation of the remaining balance = Annual Paid Time Off + Comp Days + HR Adjustment + Carry Over Days - Days Approved
The Days Approved balance is calculated by searching all entries across all the forms with a Vacation Days field. The date range for the entry search is restricted to the current year and the date used is the first date field on the form. If there are no date fields then the submission date is used.

How do I display the balance in a page on the site?

The [gravityflow page="vacation"] shortcode will display the current balance for the current user. The shortcode also takes a data attribute which switches the value displayed to pto, comp_days, hr_adjustment, carry or approved. e.g. [gravityflow page="vacation" data="comp_days"] 

How do I display the balance in a notification?

The merge tag {workflow_vacation} can be used to display the balance in a notification. It has the following modifiers: pto, comp_days, hr_adjustment, carry, approved and balance. e.g. {workflow_vacation:balance}. Please be aware that the merge tag will not include the vacation requested in the current entry if it's send in a workflow notification. This is because the calculation requires the workflow to be complete. However, if you need to include the approved days in the current entry then you can include the merge tag in a Gravity Forms notification.


  • Vacation Requests spanning two years (e.g. 2 days vacation between 31 Dec and 1 Jan) have to be in two separate requests.
  • The form submitter is awarded the time off. It's not currently possible to submit a vacation request on behalf of another user.