The Flowchart Extension enables Gravity Flow administrators to switch between the standard step list view and a Flowchart view of the steps.

The Flowchart view makes complex workflows easy to follow, design, optimize and communicate to others.

After installing the extension and activating the license you'll see the flowchart icon above the step list.

The step settings screen listing multiple steps in the workflow.

Clicking on the flowchart icon will display the steps in the form of a flowchart. For example:

Flowchart showing the steps in the workflow and how they are connected.

Use the Zoom icons to zoom in and out.

The print icon will open a new window with only the flowchart ready for printing. 

Switch back to the step list at any time by clicking the step list icon. If you make changes to the step list by re-ordering or activating/deactivating the changes will be reflected in the flowchart.

You can move the canvas, steps and connections by clicking on them so you can arrange it the way that makes sense to you.

When the flowchart loads there will be a short wait while the best layout is calculated and the canvas is resized to fit. It may be necessary to move some of the steps or connections to make them easier to follow.