The Gravity Flow PayPal Extension allows administrators to add a single payment step at any point in the workflow. For example, the payment may be requested after approval.

Important: The PayPal Extension only supports one PayPal step in a workflow. It's not currently possible to add more than one PayPal step to a workflow.

Currently, this extension supports the Gravity Forms PayPal Standard Add-On. Support for Gravity Forms Checkout Add-On is planned for a future release.

PayPal workflow step

Tip: make sure you've  added a PayPal feed using the Gravity Forms PayPal Add-on and checked that it works before adding a workflow step.

PayPal Step Settings

The step settings are very similar to settings for the user input step.

Configure the standard settings, assign the step and configure the assignee email as you would a user input step. The confirmation message will be displayed after the user returns from PayPal. At that point, the payment may still be in the process so don't assume that the payment has been successful.

Once the payment has been confirmed by the PayPal IPN the process will continue on to the next step Paypal Feed Settings