The Gravity Flow Checklists Extension allows administrators to publish a series of forms each requiring a single submission.

The Checklists page looks like this both in the front-end and in the admin UI:

Completed checklists (all forms have been submitted) show a checkmark. Incomplete checklists show an empty checkbox.

Clicking on the checklist will display the checklist detail page:

Completed forms link to the workflow entry. Pending forms link to the form ready to be submitted. Forms are greyed out if the checklist must be completed in order. Entries must be submitted by a WordPress user in order to be tracked as a part of the checklist.

If a workflow is in progress then "(Processing)" will appear next to the form title.

Administrators can exempt users from selected forms by clicking on the checkbox.

Each form in the checklist can have a separate workflow with Gravity Flow workflow steps, however, there is no conditional logic between forms - all forms must be completed. If you need to connect forms with conditional logic then check out the Form Submission Step of the Form Connector extension.


Checklists can be managed in the Workflow->Settings page on the Checklists tab.

Enter the name of the checklist and the forms required. If the sequential option is selected then the user must complete the forms from top to bottom in sequence. If the sequential option is not selected then the user can complete the forms in any order. The permissions setting allows you to define who can see the checklist.

The "Block sequence until Workflow is complete" option will wait for the workflow to complete before allowing the user to open and submit the next form.

Displaying Checklists on the Front-End: The Shortcode

Just like the inbox and status pages you can display the Checklists page in the front-end using the Gravity Flow shortcode:

[gravityflow page="checklists"]

You can display a specific checklist by specifying the checklist attribute:

[gravityflow page="checklists" checklist="{checklist ID or name}" ]


[gravityflow page="checklists" checklist="Application Process" ]

Note: In order for entries to be associated to a checklist, it must be based on a logged in WordPress user submitting the entry. We recommend that in your Form Settings you activate the 'Require user to be logged in' setting.


Gravity Flow administrators and theme designers can add their own themes for the checklists pages and use their different themes on different pages. The Checklists extension will now look in the gravityflow/checklists of the active theme for checklist themes and then make them available for use by the theme shortcode attribute.

For example, to create a “dark” theme, copy and paste the default theme from the Checklists extension plugin folder to the “gravityflow/checklists/dark” folder in the active theme. The “dark” theme will now be available for use by the shortcode.

The Checklists extension includes a built-in horizontal theme. Administrators can activate the theme on a page by page basis by setting the theme shortcode attribute to “horizontal”. e.g

[gravityflow page="checklists" theme="horizontal"]

Single Page Mode

By default, the checklist links to the form and entry will open in the same page such that the checklist will disappear. Now you can keep the checklist visible all the time at the top of the page by enabling the single page mode. e.g.

[gravityflow page="checklists" theme="horizontal" single_page="true"]

Support for Save & Continue

If the “save & continue” form setting is enabled then users can return to the checklist without having to click on the link in the save & continue email.

Support for the Partial Entries Add-On

The Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On is not currently supported, only completed entries will complete the form.

User Administration

Administrators with the gravityflowchecklists_user_admin capability can view the checklists of all users via the WordPress Users admin menu.