GravityView - Claim An Entry

This walkthrough demonstrates how to add a "Claim Entry" link to a view in GravityView which allows users to take ownership of entries after an approval process so they can edit their entries.


The following plugins are required:

  • Gravity Forms
  • GravityView
  • Gravity Flow
  • Gravity Flow Form Connector Extension
  • Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On (required only if you want to add a User Registration step)

You'll also need to have a view already configured in GravityView for your form which displays the directory. 


We want visitors to be able to claim ownership of entries so they can log in and edit field values. Before the ownership is granted, however, the request must pass through an approval process. If approved, a new user account will be created and then the entry will be assigned to the new user.

The view might look something like this:

Clicking on the "I'm the owner" link will take the visitor to the "Claim Entry" form which might look something like this:

Once approved, the user will receive account details and finally a confirmation email with instructions on how to edit the entry.


Create the "Claim Entry" form

First we need to create a new form so users can claim ownership of entries. Create a new form with the following fields:

  • Name Field.
  • Single Line Text Field for the Business Name.  Enable the Allow field to be populated dynamically setting and set the parameter name to business-name.
  • Hidden Field for the Business Entry ID. Enable the Allow field to be populated dynamically setting and set the parameter name to business-entry-id.
  • Paragraph Field for an optional message.

Single Line Text field with dynamic population setting active

Hidden field advanced settings panel with dynamic population setting active

The Workflow Steps

Next we need to add the following four workflow steps:

Workflow List of Steps

The  Approval step is assigned to the admin responsible for moderating the list. See the link below for further details on how to create an approval step. 

Suggestion: in the instructions Add a link to the single entry view to allow the user to view and verify the entry with the business details.

Approval step settings - Adding a custom instruction with merge tags

Create User Account (Optional)

If your users already have user accounts then you don't need to add this step. Configure a " Create User" User Registration feed and select it when adding a new User Registration step.

User Registration Feed settings to Create User

The User Registration Step simply triggers the Create User feed.

User Registration step settings with Create User feed selected

Assign the entry to the new owner

Add an Update an Entry step to update the target entry for the Business Directory form.

Select the form used for the directory view.

Select the Business Entry ID hidden field.

Add one field mapping: "Created By" <=> "Created By"

Update an Entry step settings panel

Important: The Entry ID field must contain the Entry ID of the entry that must be updated. This is currently the only way the step can lookup the target entry.

Notify the new owner

Add a Notification step and enable the workflow notification.

Notification step settings panel

Adding the "Claim Entry" Link

Finally, in the the view configuration we need to add the "Claim Entry" link.

- Add a custom content field and link to the page with your "Claim Entry" form. Add the business-name and business-entry-id URL params using merge tags. e.g.{Business Name:1}&business-entry-id={entry_id}


By adding four workflow steps and a "claim entry" link in GravityView we've created a custom workflow for re-assigning entries to new users.