Stripe Extension - Introduction

The Gravity Flow Stripe Extension allows workflows to authorize payments during the initial form submission, capture or cancel the payment at a later date, and also refund payments.

For example, the form can take the credit card details and authorize a payment during the initial form submission. Then the form can have a series of User Input and Approval steps to complete a process. Then at the end of the process the payment is captured.

The extension includes the following 4 step types:

  • Capture Payment – collects a payment that was authorized during the initial form submission.
  • Cancel Payment – voids the payment authorization.
  • Refund Payment – processes the refund of the payment (supports either the current entry or a different entry on the same site).
  • Cancel Subscription - cancels a subscription made by the current entry or a different entry.

It also contains a Transaction ID field which can be added to and form and used in the Refund Payment step. You can find the Transaction ID field in the Workflow section of the Gravity Forms Form Editor.

Note that Stripe will automatically cancel (expire) an authorisation after 7 days so the workflow will need to capture the payment within one week.

It's currently only possible to accept payments during form submission so if you need to accept or authorize payments in the middle of a workflow then you can use the Form Submission step of the Form Connector (see the link at the bottom of this page).


The Gravity Flow Stripe Extension requires the latest versions of: