WooCommerce Extension - Introduction

The Gravity Flow WooCommerce Extension adds workflow automation to WooCommerce orders empowering store owners to integrate orders more deeply and more efficiently with the business processes.

Every time an order is created in WooCommerce, an entry is automatically created in Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow will trigger the first step in the workflow.

The extension adds the following 6 steps that can be added at any point in the workflow:

  1. Payment – This step allows a customer to submit a payment for an order at any point in the workflow.
  2. Refund – The step will refund an order.
  3. Capture Payment – This step will capture the payment which was pre-authorized at the WooCommerce checkout but not captured.
  4. Cancel Order – This step will cancel the order which was pre-authorized at the WooCommerce checkout.
  5. Checkout – (Added in 1.1) This step lets your users place an order (means a WooCommerce order will be created) at some point in the workflow.
  6. Create Coupon - (Added in 1.3) This step can create WooCommerce coupons at some point in the workflow.

In addition to the workflow steps, the extension adds a special Payment Gateway in WooCommerce to allow payments to be made later in the workflow.

Finally, the extension also includes an Order ID field which can be added to a form and used in the Refund Order step. You can find the Order ID field in the Workflow section of the Gravity Forms Form Editor.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about implementing automation for your WooCommerce Orders:

  1. Customers don’t make a payment at WooCommerce Checkout, but submit orders for your review first. Once the order is approved, they are able to come back and pay for the orders in the WooCommerce Checkout.
  2. Customers fill out a prerequisite form first, and after a certain step (Approval step for example), they then can checkout with the product you specified.
  3. Payments that are pre-authorized at the checkout can be captured or cancelled automatically after Approval steps.
  4. A dedicated form for customers to kick off a refund workflow. The refund is processed after completing a form which then must be approved by an administrator by clicking on a link in an email and without logging into WordPress.

Get started:  WooCommerce Extension Setup Instructions


The Gravity Flow WooCommerce Extension requires the latest versions of: