WooCommerce Extension - Gravity Flow Gateway

The Gravity Flow Gateway allows customers to place an order at the checkout without submitting their payment details (credit card information etc.). A typical scenario is that you have a review process before your customers can pay for their orders but any number of steps can occur before reaching the payment step.

When an order is created with the Gravity Flow Gateway, the default order status will be “Pending”.

If you enable the Gravity Flow Gateway in WooCommerce, you must also enable "Create Entry" in at least one form, and also add a Payment Step to the workflow, otherwise, your customers won’t be able to pay for their orders in the workflow.

Regardless of whether the Gravity Flow Gateway is enabled, the Gravity Forms entry will always be created immediately when the order is created.

Gravity Flow Gateway Settings

Enable/Disable: When checked, it will enable the gateway and you’ll see it in the gateway options on the WooCommerce Checkout page.

Title: You can give the gateway a different title for the customer to see on the checkout, the default is “Pay Later”.

Description: Add instructions here to describe how your order review process works.

Pending Duration: By default, if an order hasn’t been paid within 7 days, it will be cancelled automatically. For example, if you usually take 3 days to review an order, the customer has 4 days left to pay for the order. You can change the value to suit your review process.

Disable Other Gateways: If you enable this option, all other gateways will be removed from the WooCommerce Checkout page. They will still be available when the customer pays later in the workflow. If you do not enable this option then the other gateways will be visible at the checkout and the user will be able to choose between paying immediately or paying later.