Scheduling a step

All steps can be scheduled by activating the Schedule setting. Scheduling can be useful when two steps are being triggered too close together, or when you need to perform a step on specific date.

This feature is particularly useful for so-called "content-dripping" where a series of notification steps are triggered over a number of days or weeks. For example, a customer has signed up for a course that should be delivered by email every day over the course of a week. You'd create 7 steps, each with a delay of 1 day.

Steps can be scheduled to begin after a specified delay in minutes, hours, days or weeks.

Step settings for scheduling with a time based delay
Please bear in mind that these delay settings are not exact. There could be an additional delay of up to 15 minutes before the step is actually triggered.

Steps can be also scheduled to begin on a specific date. For example, for an event.

Step settings for scheduling with a date based delay
If you choose to use this feature for email list automation like an 'auto-responder', bear in mind that you should include a one-click cancel link in the emails. Also, remember that your email server may not be designed to send out bulk emails. Gravity Flow simply passes the email on to WordPress for sending and is not responsible for email deliverability.

Finally, steps can be scheduled to start on, before or after the date in a date field.

Step settings for scheduling with a date field based delay