Email Notifications

There are three places where email notifications can be configured, and choosing the best option can be confusing. This guide will help you choose the right approach for each step in your workflow.

Gravity Flow Step Assignee Emails

Some steps have built-in email notification settings which help to keep the step configuration in one place. The Approval and User Input steps have email settings which, when enabled, will notify assignees when they are assigned to the step. The Approval step also has 'Approval' and 'Rejection' email settings. These email notification settings should be sufficient for most workflows.

Gravity Flow Notification Steps

You may find that the email configuration in the step settings don't offer you sufficient flexibility - perhaps you need to send to additional recipients or in certain situations, following special conditional logic. In these cases you may need to add a Gravity Flow Notification Step. The notification step allows you to send notifications that were created in the Gravity Forms Notifications tab. Select the notifications you'd like to send in this step. The notification does not have to be active in the Gravity Forms notifications tab in order to send, but the conditional logic will be processed.

The Gravity Flow Notification step also contains a 'workflow notification' setting which allows you to configure another email notification. This setting might seem like unnecessary duplication given that notifications can be created in the Gravity Forms Notifications tab however, there is one important difference. The 'workflow notification' setting allows you to send emails to WordPress users, all the users in a role, all the assignees in an assignee field and the entry creator.

Gravity Forms Notifications

Gravity Forms notifications are configured in the Notifications tab of the Form Settings. if you've not configured Gravity Forms notifications before, then you should start by reading this introduction:

You may find that the previous two options are not sufficient, perhaps you'd like to send to a specific email address that is not contained in one of the fields. In this case you can configure a Gravity Forms notification to fire on a workflow event.

Gravity Flow adds a number of events to the notification event setting:

  1. Workflow: Approved or Rejected
  2. Workflow: User Input
  3. Workflow: Complete

The Workflow: Approved or Rejected event will fire whenever a an entry is approved or rejected regardless of the step and regardless of the status. Use the conditional logic setting to target either the 'approved' or 'rejected' status of a specific step. You may also need to specify the 'Workflow Step' to prevent the notification from sending at later steps.

The Workflow: User Input event fires whenever a user updates an entry in a User Input step, regardless of the step and regardless of whether the step was marked as complete or 'in progress'. You can target specific conditions using the conditional logic.

The Workflow: Complete event fires whenever a workflow is complete regardless of final status. You can target specific conditions using the conditional logic.

If you're still not sure which route to take ,or you're having trouble getting your notifications to work, please get in touch with Gravity Flow Support for help.