Incoming Webhook

The Incoming Webhook Extension (currently in beta) is used to hold entries on a step until a trigger is received from an external application.

IMPORTANT: This step should only be used if the server has an SSL certificate installed as the API Secret is sent on every request.

Adding an Incoming Webhook Step

1. Select Incoming Webhook as the step type.

2. Enter a name for your application. This is just informational.

3. Enter a unique API Key or accept the default value. The API key is used to authenticate each request. This value should generally not be changed after saving. Warning: if there are any entries on this step then changing this setting will result in the entries getting stuck in the workflow and unable to proceed.

4- Enter a unique API Secret which will be used to authenticate the request. It's good practice to change this secret periodically.

Once an entry hits an Incoming Webhook step it waits until an authenticated request is received.

The Webhook URL

The Incoming Webhook extension listens for POST request to URLs with the following format:

[domain]/[api base]/entries/[Entry ID]/workflow-webhooks

Version 1 and 2 of the Gravity Forms Web/REST API are supported.

For version 1 of the Gravity Forms Web API (not recommended):

For Version 2 of the Gravity Forms Web API - using WP API routing (recommended)

The following params should be sent in the POST request either in the URL or body:

Example request:


You can also send the parameters in the URL like this:

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