Resolving email field assignee based issues

There are a number of potential reasons that can cause inbox, entry details or other Gravity Flow pages involving email field based assignees to not display as expected. The fix in each case may be different depending on hosting environment, plugins in your environment (including a small number with known incompatibilities), theme or custom code.

A page with Inbox block or shortcode is blank due to aggressive caching by web host

When reviewing entries via the Workflow > Status you can confirm that an email field has assignees but viewing the inbox on front-end of your site does not show any entries listed for them. Make sure the page is not cached on the server or contact your host to remove the page from the cache.

A merge tag linking to the entry from a notification displays warning that user does not have permission

If your environment includes CloudFlare, check that under its' settings for Scrape Shield that the Email Address Obfuscation setting is deactivated.

Other possibilities:

  • Do you have a security plugin active that is blocking long URLs?
    Try temporarily de-activating the plugin or verifying what security setting(s) are causing the conflicts.
  • Is the page which contains the Gravity Flow shortcode using curly quotes instead of normal quotes. If you've copied and pasted the shortcode, open up the editor in text more and check the quotes inside the shortcode aren't curly quotes. If your theme supports it, we recommend switching to the Gravity Flow Block.
  • Do you have multiple Gravity Forms/Flow shortcodes on one page which lead to conflicting filters in looking up entries for assignee?
    Try temporarily removing the extra shortcodes to see if that resolves your issue.