The inbox shortcode is blank for email assignees

This can happen on hosting services that cache aggressively (e.g. WP Engine). Make sure the page with the shortcode is not cached on the server. You may need to ask your host to remove the page from the cache.

Other possibilities:

  • Do you have a security plugin active that is blocking long URLs?
    Try temporarily de-activating the plugin or verifying what security setting(s) are causing the conflicts.
  • Is the page which contains the Gravity Flow shortcode using curly quotes instead of normal quotes. If you've copied and pasted the shortcode, open up the editor in text more and check the quotes inside the shortcode aren't curly quotes.
  • Do you have multiple Gravity Forms/Flow shortcodes on one page which lead to conflicting filters in looking up entries for assignee?
    Try temporarily removing the extra shortcodes to see if that resolves your issue.