Linking to the workflow entry

You can include links to the workflow entry in assignee and approval notifications by adding the {workflow_entry_link} or {workflow_entry_url} merge tag. By default, this will link through to the workflow entry detail page in the admin UI.

If you need to link to a page with the inbox block or shortcode, you'll need to specify the ID of the WordPress page like this:

{workflow_entry_link: page_id="[ID of your WordPress page]" }
{workflow_entry_link: page_id="24"}

You can find the page ID in the URL when you're editing the page with the inbox block or shortcode (look for &post=XXX where XXX is the ID).

You can also specify the link text by using the text attribute:

{workflow_entry_link: page_id="24" text="View your application form"}

If you need more flexibility with the construction of the URL, you can use the {workflow_entry_url} merge tag which also takes the page_id attribute.

{workflow_entry_url} OR {workflow_entry_url: page_id="234"}

When using either of these workflow merge tags in the form confirmation screen, or other notifications that are not directly tied to the active step/assignee, the following parameters can also be used to generate the link based on assignee type and step number. Note that the link will only be active/correct if the entry is at that step in the workflow when the user clicks it.

By assignee field:

{workflow_entry_link: page_id="24" assignee="assignee_field|5" step="3"}

By user field:

{workflow_entry_link: page_id="24" assignee="assignee_user_field|5" step="3"}

By email field:

{workflow_form_submission_url: assignee="email_field|2" step="3"}

By individual user:

{workflow_entry_link: page_id="24" assignee="user_id|25" step="3"}

Email Field Assignees

If the step is assigned to an Email field, then the page_id attribute is required because the assignee won't be able to access the admin UI. In this case, the link will automatically include a special token which will identify the assignee. It's important that these URLs are not shared because anyone who receives the URL can use it to participate in the workflow.

Entry Link Tokens for WordPress Users

By default, entry URLs and links sent to WordPress users will not include a token and will require the user to log in. However, there are situations in which it might be useful, and sufficiently secure, to allow WordPress users to participate in the workflow without logging in. It's important to bear in mind that the token is not as secure as logging in, so use this feature with caution. To force the entry link merge tag to add an authentication token to the entry url and link merge tags just add the  token attribute and make sure the page_id attribute is set. e.g.

{workflow_entry_url: page_id="234" token="true"}

You can find some more merge tags here.