The Shortcode

The [gravityflow] shortcode displays the Workflow UI in any WordPress page. 

Use the page attribute to display either the inbox or the status page or the submit page. Example:

[gravityflow page="inbox"]
[gravityflow page="status"]
[gravityflow page="submit"]

Important: the shortcodes are intended to be used on different pages - not on the same page.

Once you've added the inbox shortcode to a page the logged in users will see their pending tasks and they'll be able to click through to the workflow detail page to perform the task.

Example of the user input step in a page using the Twenty Fifteen theme.

Here's what the inbox looks like in a Desktop browser with two pending tasks:

This is what it looks like in a smaller screen for example in a mobile device:

When the user clicks through to the workflow detail on an approval step the page looks like this:

And on a smaller screen...

The Status page looks like this:

And on smaller screens it looks like this:

Advanced Shortcode Attributes

The shortcode supports the following attributes:

id_column - show or hide the ID column in the inbox and status pages. For example, hide the ID column: [gravityflow page="inbox" id_column="false"]

submitter_column - show or hide the submitter column in the inbox and status pages. For example, hide the submitter column: [gravityflow page="inbox" submitter_column="false"]

step_column - show or hide the step column in the inbox and status pages. For example, hide the step column: [gravityflow page="inbox" step_column="false"]

form - constrain the entries to the specified form ID. For example, constrain the entries to the form ID 1: [gravityflow page="inbox" form="1"]

fields - display value values. This is only supported when the form attribute is set. For example, display columns for fields 1 and 2 from form 1: [gravityflow page="inbox" form="1" fields="1,2"]. Multi-input fields can be added but you'll need to know the ID of each input (support can help you with that). An example for a name field with the field ID of 6 would be [gravityflow page="inbox" form="18" fields="6.3,6.6"]

title - specify a title that will appear on the both the inbox/status list and the entry detail page. For example: [gravityflow page="status" title="Status of Workflow Entries"] 

timeline - show or hide the timeline. Default = true. Example: [gravityflow page="inbox" timeline="false"]

step_status - show or hide the step status on the entry detail page. Default = true. Example [gravityflow page="inbox" step_status="false"]

workflow_info - show or hide the workflow info. Default = true. Example: [gravityflow page="inbox" workflow_info="false"]

sidebar - Use two columns or one. Default = true. Use false to use just one column. Example [gravityflow page="inbox" sidebar="false"]

actions_column - show or hide the approval actions column in the inbox page. For example: [gravityflow page="inbox" actions_column="true"]