The gravityflowformconnector_[type] filters allows the entry to be modified before create, update, submission.

  • gravityflowformconnector_new_entry
  • gravityflowformconnector_update_entry
  • gravityflowformconnector_form_submission
  • gravityflowformconnector_update_field_values


The gravityflowformconnector_new_entry filter provides a way to modify the new entry before it is created in separate form / site.

Example 1 - Include 10% into the cost of a numeric field

add_filter( 'gravityflowformconnector_new_entry', 'sh_gravityflowconnector_adjust_new_entry', 10, 5); 
function sh_gravityflowconnector_adjust_new_entry( $new_entry, $entry, $form, $target_form, $step ) { 	
	//Adding 10% to the total cost
	$new_entry['3'] = $new_entry['3'] * 1.10;
	return $new_entry;

Example 2 - Ensure a field with 'No Duplicates' specified in settings is respected when attempting to create a new entry.

The New Entry step relies on the Gravity Forms API for add_entry which docs state that, "The usual hooks that are triggered while saving entries are not fired here." You would need to adjust the step ID and form/field IDs to match your scenario. The add_note will log a message into the timeline of the entry executing the FC New Entry to indicate the entry was not created as expected.

add_filter( 'gravityflowformconnector_new_entry', 'sh_gravityflowconnector_adjust_new_entry', 10, 5 );
function sh_gravityflowconnector_adjust_new_entry( $new_entry, $entry, $form, $target_form, $step ) {
    //Change Step ID (121) to match your case and update the field_filters to match your target form field ID / entry field IDs
    if ( 121 == $step->get_id() ) {
        $search_criteria = array(
            'status'        => 'active',
            'field_filters' => array(
                'mode' => 'all',
                    'key'   => '2',
                    'value' => $entry['2'],

        if ( GFAPI::count_entries( $target_form['id'], $search_criteria ) > 0 ) {
            //An existing entry exists in the target form so new entry should not be created. Pass a blank array back from filter
            $step->add_note( "No entry created - duplicate value exists in Form " . $target_form['id'] . " Field 2.");
            $new_entry = array();
    return $new_entry;

Example 3 - Use the Update Fields step type and copy only the last comment from a Discussion Field into the selected entry

add_filter( 'gravityflowformconnector_update_field_values', 'sh_gravityflowconnector_copy_discussion', 10, 5 );
function sh_gravityflowconnector_copy_discussion( $new_entry, $entry, $form, $target_form, $step ) {
    //Change Step ID (125) to match your workflow and update the field id (4) source / target field IDs
    if ( 125 == $step->get_id() ) {
        $discussions = json_decode( $entry['4'], ARRAY_A );
        if ( is_array( $discussions ) ) {
            //Select the specific discussion comment(s) you want and re-encode the array into JSON notation
            $last_comment = array( end( $discussions ) );
            $new_entry['4'] = json_encode( $last_comment );
    return $new_entry;

Example 4 - Use the Update an Entry step to switch a user field value in a workflow with a User Registration feed

This scenario would apply if your form has a User Registration feed setup to create a new user and you want to assign tasks after the registration step in the workflow to the "not yet created" user. In order to make use of it you would:

  • Add a User field to the form with visibility set to Administrative.
  • Add a Form Connector Update an Entry step in between the User Registration step and the step(s) which need the new assignee.
  • Setup the field mappings to attempt to put the email field into the user field
  • Select the User field as the assignee for the steps that require the 'to be created' user to action.

Then include this snippet to change the mapping to perform a lookup of the new user by the email field.

add_filter( 'gravityflowformconnector_update_entry', 'jo_gravityflowconnector_update_created_user', 10, 5 );
function jo_gravityflowconnector_update_created_user( $update_entry, $entry, $form, $target_form, $step ) {
	// Change to match the Step ID you want the swap to occur on.
	if ( $step->get_id() != '175' ) {
		return $update_entry;

	$potential_user = get_user_by( 'email', $entry['2'] );

	if ( ! $potential_user ) {
		// Replace with user ID that should receive the task if the user registration were to fail for other reasons.
		$update_entry['3'] = '';
	} else {
		$update_entry['3'] = $potential_user->ID;

	return $update_entry;


This code should be placed in the functions.php file of your active theme.