The gravityflowformconnector_new_entry_form filter allows the form to be modified before it is processed for mapping into a new


Parameter Type Definition
$form Array The current form array.
$entry Array The current entry array.


Change the input form object which will be used for mapping into new entry.

add_filter( 'gravityflowformconnector_new_entry_form', 'jo_gffc_new_entry_form', 10, 2 ); 
function jo_gffc_new_entry_form( $form, $entry ) {
    //Select a different form to process the new entry step in comparison to
    $new_form = GFAPI::get_form( '49' );
    if ( $new_form ) {
        return $new_form;
    return $form;


This code should be placed in the functions.php file of your active theme or in a custom functions plugin.