Integration with Gravity Forms Add-Ons

Gravity Flow supports configuring steps for the following official Gravity Forms feed based add-ons:

  1. ActiveCampaign Add-On
  2. Agile CRM Add-On
  3. Add-On (via the Form Submission step of the Form Connector extension)
  4. AWeber Add-On
  5. Batchbook Add-On
  6. Breeze Add-On
  7. Campfire Add-On
  8. Capsule Add-On
  9. CleverReach Add-On
  10. Dropbox Add-On
  11. Emma Add-On
  12. Freshbooks Add-On
  13. GetResponse Add-On
  14. Help Scout Add-On
  15. HipChat Add-On
  16. Highrise Add-On
  17. iContact Add-On
  18. Mad Mimi Add-On
  19. MailChimp Add-On 
  20. PayPal Standard Add-On (free Gravity Flow PayPal Extension)
  21. PayPal Payments Pro Add-On (via the Form Submission step of the Form Connector extension)
  22. Post Creation Add-On
  23. Slack Add-On
  24. Stripe Add-On (via the Form Submission step of the Form Connector extension)
  25. Trello Add-On
  26. Twilio Add-On - SMS Messages
  27. User Registration Add-On - add WordPress users
  28. Zapier Add-On 
  29. Zoho CRM Add-On

Gravity Flow also supports the following Field based add-ons:

  1. Chained Selects Add-On
  2. Coupons Add-On
  3. Polls Add-On
  4. Quiz Add-On
  5. Signature Add-On
  6. Survey Add-On

Integration with Third-Party Add-Ons

Gravity Flow also includes support for the following third party Gravity Forms add-ons:

  • Drip Email Campaigns + Gravity Forms
  • Gravity Forms Constant Contact Add-On
  • Gravity Forms ConvertKit Add-On
  • Gravity Forms to Pipe Drive CRM Add-On
  • Gravity Forms SendinBlue Add-On
  • Gravity Forms Signature Add-on by ApproveMe (WP E-Signature)
  • Gravity PDF - generate and attach PDFs
  • GravityView
  • HubSpot for Gravity Forms
  • Sliced Invoices & Gravity Forms
  • Sprout Invoices - Requires the Sprout Invoices Form Integrations add-on (creates estimates) and/or Invoice Submissions add-on (creates invoices).

The following third-party Gravity Forms add-ons include support for Gravity Flow:

  • Fillable PDFs by ForGravity

Configuring Steps for Add-Ons

You can add feeds from these add-ons at any step of the process. Your process might look like this:

For each of the feed-based add-ons you'll see a step type option in the step settings. Integration with other official add-ons is currently under development. If you need to integrate one in your project, please ask so it can be prioritised.

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