Gravity Flow uses the WordPress system of Roles and Capabilities. Use the  members plugin to edit the capabilities for each role.

The follow capabilities are available to assign to WordPress Roles.

  1. gravityflow_uninstall - allows the user to uninstall Gravity Flow.
  2. gravityflow_settings - allows the user to edit the Gravity Flow settings.
  3. gravityflow_create_steps - allows the user to create Workflow steps in the Form Settings.
  4. gravityflow_submit - allows the user to view the submit page.
  5. gravityflow_inbox - allows the user to view the inbox page. The inbox is used by assignees when they need to approve entries or add input.
  6. gravityflow_status - allows the user to view the status page.
  7. gravityflow_activity - allows the user to view the activity page.
  8. gravityflow_status_view_all - allows the user to view the status of all the workflows from all users on the status page.    
  9. gravityflow_workflow_detail_admin_actions - controls visibility of the admin actions box on the workflow detail page.

When you install the Members plugin you'll be able to edit the capabilities for each role by opening the Roles page in the Users top level menu section in the WordPress dashboard.

You can add new roles and each role can be assigned different capabilities.

When you open the capabilities page you'll see a lot of different capabilities. The Gravity Flow capabilities will look like this.

Select the appropriate capabilities for each role.

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