The Approval and User Input steps can be configured to expire either after a specified delay, or on a specific date.

IMPORTANT: The Expiration feature uses the WordPress Cron. This is usually activated by default on most installations, but if you host has disabled it you may need to ask your administrators to enable it.

The Expiration setting in the User Input step looks like this: User Input Expiration

The Status after expiration setting allows you to define the status of the step after the expiration period has elapsed. If "Expired" is selected then a "Next step if Expired" setting appears allowing you to route the workflow to a different step. This is useful for implementing escalation processes which need to happen if action is not taken within a defined period. Next Step after Expiration

The Expiration setting in the Approval Step allows for the status to be changed to Rejected or Approved once the step has expired. Approval expiration

If the form has a date field, then the date field option will be available. This allows steps to expire before or after the date specified in the value of a date field. Schedule expiration date field