Partial Entries

Gravity Flow integrates with the Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On which optionally allows workflows to start when a partial entry is created. For example, this integration can be used to create a sequence of emails that is triggered after a form submission has been abandoned.

Enable the workflow setting in the Partial Entries Add-On Form settings.

This will trigger the workflow when a partial entry is created. It's generally recommended to delay the workflow until a reasonable amount of time has passed. Use the schedule setting on the Start step to delay the workflow. For example, the following settings will prevent the workflow from starting until 3 hours after the last update of the partial entry, and ensure that the workflow only starts if the email address field has been entered.

When the workflow setting is enabled for the Partial Entries Add-On, then a new step type is available called the Partial Entry Submission step. This step will wait for the final submission of the form. 

If you'd like to send an email to the email address in a field on the form, then assign the step to the email field.

Use the assignee email to send an email with a link to resume the form submission. The {workflow_resume_partial_entry_link} and {workflow_resume_partial_entry_url} merge tags will output a link to the form. Select the page with the form - the link will take the user to this page and pre-populate all the values with the values they had entered when they were completing the form.

If you'd like to send another, different email the next day for example, then define the expiration settings and add another Partial Entry Submission step next in the list.

Please note that the Partial Entries integration is not currently compatible with the Save and Continue feature of Gravity Forms.

Also note: Partial Entries won't have a value for the created_by as the entry is saved via a separate background process (heartbeat) in which the user is not logged in. The value created_by will be set when the partial entry is updated when a multi-page form is paged using the next or previous buttons or when it is submitted.